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Spirit Dance

Click on         nearest the sculpture to download  a image of the

Spirit Dance-A_Bronze.jpg

Available in Bronze – Forever limited to 10 pieces.

This piece is 25" x 14" x 47.5" h

(A downsized edition is 20.5" x 9.5" x 35" h. Forever limited to 50
pieces in Bronze and 350 pieces in Parian II™.)

Spirit Dance

A young girl is dancing with a
freedom that suggests surrender to
the soul of the music; a joyful
movement free from any restraints.
Gaylord feels that the perfect form
for showing the emotion of freedom
is the dancer. To fully enjoy the
freedom of dance you must
surrender to the feel and the soul of
the moment. It is about expressing
freedom and joy. Gaylord has
perfectly captured that feeling and
emotion in this fine art sculpture

Spirit Dance(parian).png

Available in Parian II™ – Forever limited to 50 pieces.



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