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Our Mission

International Art Source came into being for the purpose of helping artist’s find an outlet for their passion; their art. It is our desire to develop friendships with artists, as we have with Gaylord Ho, while helping them find commercially viable outlets for their artwork. Over time, we have the goal of meeting and becoming friends with a network of galleries who share our passion for the artists and the art.

Our goal is to be the “go between” for these two cherished groups of friends and associates; artists and galleries. It is our goal to create win / win relationships.

We pledge to treat our artists and their art with respect and compassion. We pledge to put our best effort into seeking the perfect gallery to represent each of our artists. We will seek these galleries through trade shows, advertising and personal visits. We will refuse to place an artist in a gallery that we have not personally inspected for content and quality. It is our desire to make a match that is profitable for both the artist and the gallery.

We pledge to treat our galleries with respect. We admit a novice level of expertise in the marketing of art and wish to learn as much as possible from each of the galleries with whom we come in contact. We desire to find galleries who are a perfect fit with the artist so that both may achieve financial success. Once selected, we will do all within our power to protect the geographic area as the exclusive territory of the gallery.

We desire to meet and nurture the development of new and developing artists, through consulting, through scholarship, through marketing. It is our desire to give back to the community that has so graciously nurtured us.

©2018 by International Art Source

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