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Dance of Passion

Click on         nearest the sculpture to download  a image of the

The Bronze version will be limited to 25 pieces 


 Two lovers entwine for their first kiss; a celebration of new love and youthful passion. Gaylord loves to tell stories of courting his wife Lucia when they were in school. He always starts his story with "Ours is a long, long love story...". His favorite is the story of how he liked most to visit Lucia when it was raining because his umbrella was small and he could have an excuse to hold her close under the umbrella. Many years later he is still holding her close. This sculpture is a tribute to that moment just before the first kiss. The figures are tense and flushed with the passion of this long awaited moment. It is truly a dance of passion.

This piece is 15.5" x 11.5" x 34" h.

Available in Parian – Forever limited to 100 pieces.



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