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The Dawning

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Available in Parian – Forever limited to 10 pieces.

The Dawning

See the daybreak. This sculptural rendition is the story of the moments following the darkest of times. This is the moment in
which the light is beginning to come back into the lives of mankind. There are those in this sculpture who see the light sooner. It is
usually the young and the hopeful who emerge from the darkness first but the light is there for all who seek its warmth. In this
process, the angel is always over seeing mankind; protecting and guiding us toward better times of our lives. Gaylord wanted to
speak to those times when mankind feels at it's lowest level and during those dark moments after a disaster like the Tsunami in
Southeast Asia or the 9/11 attack. Gaylord feels that no matter what disaster may affect our lives; there is a new dawning awaiting
us and a reason to be optimistic and joyful about our future.


Available in Bronze – Forever limited to 5 pieces.

This piece is 35" x 28" x 70" h




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